Certified Public Accountants Providing Prepaid and Discounted Tax Preparation and Advice

INDIVIDUALS ... need it...

Empower yourself to take charge of your financial future!

Get: (1) a better understanding and use of employer’s benefits, (2) direction for the tax consequences of life events, (3) help to avoid income tax mistakes that can cost thousands, and (4) lifelong, quality, discounted, tax help from pre-screened CPAs.
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CPAs ... provide it...

Advice that is Objective, Trustworthy and Credible

Get: (1) an expanded client base and increased revenues, (2) new clients with no time input or marketing costs, and (3) monthly cash flow with no invoicing or accounts receivable to maintain.

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EMPLOYERS ... offer it...

FAI has helped thousands of employees of National organizations control their financial destiny.

(1) Provide value and help employees at no cost to the employer, (2) help employees see the value of benefits so they can take advantage of them, (3) promote "financial wellness" by relieving the stress of benefit decisions which helps to increase productivity.
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BENEFITS PARTNERS ... promote it...

Show clients, customers and members that you have a true concern for individuals overall well-being.

(1) Cement current relationships by offering a new and unique service that is easy to understand, and (2) use this as a door opener for approaching potential customers, (i.e., benefit consultants, wellness organizations, voluntary benefits providers, EAPs, TPAs, unions, associations)
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