What we do...

FAI is changing the way people get personal financial help!

  • For the past 31 years, FAI and Gary Tagtmeier, CPA, have provided completely objective and unbiased financial planning seminars to the employees of major employers around the country.
  • FAI sells no financial products of any kind.
  • Over the years, many seminar attendees have asked Gary for a referral to a reputable Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for tax help. FAI resisted providing referrals absent a rigorous CPA screening process.
  • FAI now has a rigorous CPA screening process in place and is promoting our CPA referral service through our Tax Adviser Network.

For More Information

  • You can learn more about FAI by going to www.prosperwithfai.com. Click on "The FAI Story" for the history of the company. You can also learn about the other services FAI offers.
  • You can learn more about Gary Tagtmeier (Founder of FAI) by going to www.garytagtmeier.com