8 Reasons why CPAs should join this network...

You can easily increase your client base and revenues.

    1. It expands the client base and increases revenues from the basic service alone.
    2. Additional revenues will be generated from the enhanced/additional tax services rendered.
    3. CPAs will also more than likely get referrals to family and friends if the client is satisfied with the service.
    4. Cash flow will be year-round and consistent as CPAs in the network are paid monthly from the payroll deductions received by FAI.
    5. There is no time required or marketing costs needed to obtain new clients.
    6. The network will be limited to insure that CPAs receive a large number of new clients.
    7. There is no invoicing or accounts receivable to maintain as the CPA is automatically paid by FAI.
    8. CPAs will use their own information collecting forms which will not require any changes to their procedures.

If you are a CPA and would like to know more about becoming a part of this unique service and network of advisers, simply fill in the information below and select Submit. We'll be in touch shortly.