Why do Individuals and Families need this service?

  • Tax laws and the financial world are complicated, confusing, and change constantly.
  • Employer-sponsored benefits are not utilized because employees do not realize how much they can save in taxes by using them.
  • A Colonial Life study found that 81% of employers think their employees do not have a good understanding of their benefits.
  • Most tax preparation services do not give advice about benefits.
  • Life event financial decisions made at the wrong time can cost thousands in taxes.
  • An American Psychological Society survey found that 81% of those surveyed identify money as a major source of stress in their lives.
  • A Met Life study found that 78% of employers say employees are less productive at work when they are worried about personal financial issues.
  • Also, that 58% stated financial stress contributes to employee absences.
  • Escalating Government deficits will require an increase in taxes. Individuals need to plan ahead and minimize the impact.

Tax Adviser Network™ Subscribers receive:

  • High quality tax preparation and advice from prescreened Certified Public Accountants
  • Three tax consultations for up to 30 minutes each every 12 months
  • Advice about how to take advantage of employer-Sponsored benefits,
  • And much, much more
  • All for a fixed and discounted fee from the CPA’s normal rates.

Individuals can subscribe to our service through this website. This service is also marketed by FAI as a voluntary benefit through employers of all sizes. There is no cost to the employer to provide this service or to the CPA to become part of the network.